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We are building an AI powerhouse!

We are uniting forces with the AI community to make drastic changes in education, government and society that will put us in a privileged spot in catering to the needs of the global industry.

We will first transform Ensenada and the northern Baja California region into the AI Capital of Mexico, and later replicate our process in other regions of Mexico where there is AI talent and industry ready to flourish. the goal is to make Mexico the most convenient, cost-effective and most qualified option to create first class artificial intelligence technology, products and software.

We have a plan!

We gather the region’s AI Community. We make ourselves known, become visible and organized ourselves so that we are heard.

We work with academia to refocus education. We make changes in high school, undergraduate and graduate programs alike!

We create an Bi-national Academic Advisory Committee to make recommendations to the interested universities and institutions on how to successfully achieve program restructuring.

We serve the AI Community in becoming prepared to be successful working in industry in applying proper development and engineering principles.

We also make it a point to influence the creation of public policy that will look out for the benefits of our society, and that guarantees the proper and ethical application of AI to our data.

Finally, empower entrepreneurs to become certified in ethical and anti corruption practices, to avoid conflicts of interests, to become knowledgeable on patents and intelectual property, and to become responsible tax payers.

All this to show we can be trusted and can operate at the same levels of the leaders of the industry!


The future into your hands

We are a global team of artificial intelligence scientists, engineers,
students, and hardcore enthusiasts with a long history of designing,
implementing and deploying successful AI products around the

Constant Growth

Constant Growth

From the startup to the Fortune 500, we work
for all types of companies.



We leverage the power of AI to transform ideas into reality.



We know what works in the lab and what works in the real world.

Complete team of AI available for analysis and product development that will cater to all types of companies worldwide performing:

  • Analysis of AI tasks

  • Dataset collection and labeling for AI training by trained workforce

  • Design, validation and custom neural networks for your specific problem by our scientists

  • Training and testing models with Caffe, TensoFlow, Keras, and more by out scientists

  • Implementation of supporting code to allow seamless integration of AI into your application by experienced engineers.

Benefits of our services:

  • If the expertise is needed in-house, we can assemble you a team of experts, computing infrastructure, and implement the AI development process in your organization.

  • We count with a history of binding successful AI products that are functioning worldwide.

  • We don’t write research papers, we build products.

  • Most AI in the market is done by people who build prototypes, at best. Our team focuses in building a solution that is cost effective, a good investment for you, and pride itself on the success of the product.

  • We are product-centered industry professionals with a passion for product development, we are not academics, some of us were, but have shifted gears to enable companies to take advantage of the AI breakthroughs that are happening today.

Competitive advantages:

  • Everybody is focused of AI in an academic sense, their deliverables are algorithms, reports, plots, and untested source code.

  • We are focused on developing AI products, and productizing AI in the future.

  • We develop code using engineering best practices, our code is tested, robust, documented, optimized, and production-quality.

  • We integrate our source side-by-side with you, along with models, libraries and third-party frameworks to your code base.

  • We provide all the support necessary to facilitate the knowledge transfer effectively.

How it works?

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Our values are part of our DNA

Our nine values define how we do business, make decisions and

treat all stakeholders. Our values are:










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